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Residents Of Adelphi Await Completion Of New Health Centre

Residents Of Adelphi Await Completion Of New Health Centre

Residents Of Adelphi Await Completion Of New Health Centre


Residents of Adelphi and its environs in St. James are eagerly awaiting the completion of the new modern health centre being built in the community.

The project is being undertaken by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) at a cost of more than $40 million with funding made available through a grant from the European Union (EU).

Construction is close to completion with only minor work left to be done.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and Wellness will be paving the grounds of the facility.

In an interview with JIS News, Adelphi resident, Pastor Ann-Marie Bulgin-Graham, said she is delighted about the erection of the new Adelphi Health Centre.

“It was long overdue. As a matter of fact, the old clinic is older than I am. It had become dilapidated and outdated, not to mention the fact that the facilities there could not satisfy the vast population of residents from Adelphi and adjoining communities,” she noted.

“Its limitations were a headache to many, especially the senior citizens. I am confident that the new facilities, [with] the improved quality of service and infrastructure, will make both staff and patients incredibly happy,” she told JIS News.

For his part, Goodwill resident, Ranghil Anderson, said that the new clinic is a welcome sight in Adelphi, and he hopes that persons who utilise the facility, will take good care of it.

Adelphi Gardens resident, Rosalyn Duncan, told JIS News that the new clinic will better enable doctors, nurses, and all staff to deliver quality service to patients in a more comfortable environment.

Deon Scott from the nearby community of Dumfries, said that the health centre is “much needed” and will improve healthcare delivery to residents.

The new health centre will include a pharmacy, dental offices, sterilisation and nebulisation rooms, consultation rooms, offices for the public health inspector and for registration and records, restrooms, laundry room, and a lunchroom/kitchenette.

The previous building had several challenges, including inadequate office space and sanitary facilities, leaking roof and a collapsed section of the ceiling, as well as an inadequate sewage management system.

The new, modern Adelphi Health Centre will benefit 21 members of staff and the approximately 2,000 residents served per month from the communities of Lima, Content, Paisley, Chatham, Goodwill, Dumfries, Somerton, Blyeston, Orange, Sudbury, and Moore Park.

Source: JIS news
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