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Residents of Marverly Caught and Beat Alleged Child Molester



Marverly Hughenden, St. Andrew (Mckoy’s News)Alleged Child Molester: Citizens of Jamaica are in an uproar at the recent surge in murders and abuse of women and children. Residents of the Marverly Community caught and beat a man who allegedly abducted a school girl, before handing him over to the police.

This man was beaten by residents of Marverly, St. Andrew after he allegedly abducted a school girl

Citizen reports are that a man (Child Molester) allegedly abducted a schoolgirl in a motor vehicle on Thursday.

The schoolgirl managed to escape from the vehicle and ran into the Marverly Hughenden community of St. Andrew.

He allegedly chased after the girl into the community – to get her to return.

Reportedly the girl screamed louder and louder, alarming the community. Residents immediately came to her aid nabbed the man.

The residents gave him a community beating, before alerting the police.

Police arrived, cuffed and removed the alleged child molester.

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