Residents Complain of Inmates being Illtreated at Police Stations

In the Sun: Some of the visitors are seen at the gate in the sun, while the next photo shows the Barnett Street police station.

Montego Bay, Jamaica ( McKoy’s News) – Residents Complain of Inmates being Illtreated: Several Montegonians who visited their relatives at the number 14 Barnett Street Police Station in Montego Bay are very angry at the way they are being treated by the police personnel there. The residents said they have to wait for long hours at the entrance in the hot sun and when they ask questions they are not getting any relevant answers.

They also complained that weapons are always inside the cells which makes some of the inmates a danger to others. ‘A cell made for six all have 10 and 15 inmates, they are uncomfortable, and they can’t get a proper meal for all three months’, said a relative who came to visit her brother.

The 14 Barnett Street Police Station was in the spotlight in 2014 when a prisoner Mario Dean was beaten to death under controversial circumstances.

The residents are now calling on National Security Minister, Robert Montaque to visit the cells and take a look at the inhumane conditions being meted out to the prisoners at that location.