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Residents Baffled by ‘ice’ that Doesn’t Melt in Tree

(Alan Lewin – News Reporter): Residents of a section of Anchovy, in St James, are bewildered by a discovery they woke up to, on Wednesday morning June 17.

The residents discovered large pieces of ice dripping from a Cedar tree in the community. Several of them gathered around taking photos and videos to put up on their social media pages.

This is the second time that a strange discovery involving ice was made in the parish. More than six years ago a similar discovery was made along a section of the Irwin main road also in the parish.

Several of the residents put their hands under the dripping water from the ice to prove that it was cold.  “It is well cold like real ice water. It is cramping my hands, this must be a sign of the time,” said a young man who used his hands to test the dripping water.

Kadian Moss, a woman who was observing the phenomenon said, “I am well scared of this, as on Wednesday morning I left it in the tree, and came back another day to see it here still dripping, and not melting, I wonder what is really happening here in Anchovy, maybe it is time for us to expect snow.”

A young boy from the community, Jay Dane Samuels was the first to make the discovery. He was passing the tree and saw the ground wet. He looked up and  saw the ice. He raised an alarm and several residents gathered to have a look. “This must be a miracle, the ice is dripping and not melting, it must be a miracle, it gets me afraid,” said Samuels.

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Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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