The PNP needs to reign in Krystal Tomlinson as she has now shown that she is a disgrace and a liability to the PNP and its quest to once again lead Jamaica.

Liking the Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Micheal Holness to that of Hitler is the lowest one could go with been political naive and downright disgusting.

Hitler came to power in 1929 and was appointed Chancellor in January 1933. His rise to power was the result of many factors: the impact of the depression, the weaknesses of Weimar democracy and the strengths of the Nazi party.

If Krystal Tomlinson want to find a perfect comparison to Adolf Hitler she need to look no further than the PNP of which she is a member and sitting President of its youth organization.

In 1972 after taking control of the government of Jamaica the PNP ran the Jamaican economy to a wreck using similar policies pursued by Hitler.

In 1976 the wonton persecution of the opposition Jamaica Labor Party and its operatives using the declaration of a national state of emergency, was a move straight from the book of  Natzi   Germany.

This followed by what was ethnic cleansing of members of the

JLP remember five flights a day ?

This move makes the PNP and its leader Michael Manley

the same as Adolf Hitler. So if Ms. Krystal Tomlinson is in search of someone to compare to Hitler she need to look no further than Michael Manley and the PNP.

In 1975,1976 the PNP led a team to USSR where the then Minister of foreign affairs offered up Jamaica to the Russian telling them that Jamaica will be the next Communist island in the Caribbean.

The training of over 1600 Jamaicans to utilize high powered weapons in Cuba on the brigadesta program and as such unleash terror which in my opinion started the countries love for gun and gun crime. Fast forward to the PNP of the 1990,s again where an economic policy that targeted the opposition was perused with great success as 40,000 businesses went under resulted in massive GDP lost.1

One could easily make the connection to Hitler. I do believe that with this level of disrespect to the Prime Minister Ms. Crystal Tomlinson has dunged herself into a hole and should do the right thing and tender her resignation as President of the PNPYO.


BY: Choppajohn West

[email protected]

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