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Regional Housing Conference – Prime Minister Emphasizes The Importance Of Housing

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Regional Housing Conference: The Prime Minister of Jamaica, Hon. Andrew  Holness, yesterday emphasized the importance of Housing. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Regional Housing Conference at the Montego Bay Conference Centre, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of Housing to Social and economic well being. He pointed out the role of Housing in job creation and sustaining job stability, the enhancement of a sense of security, and in the stimulating of investments.

Mr. Holness also pointed out the importance of Housing as Real Estate assets,  contributing to the growth of inter-generational wealth.

Speaking on the performance of the National Housing Trust, Mr. Holness stated that the NHT was committed to providing over fifteen thousand housing solutions by March 2020, as part of their 4-year development plan. He said the NHT is serious about delivering new houses, about innovations to provide new houses, including 100% financing. He was also mindful of the fact that the use of technology must be applied, in order to increase the strength and durability of buildings, especially with regards to withstanding natural disasters.

He pointed out the relevance of this to discussions now taking place in Parliament regarding the formulation of a new Building Code.

With regards to expansion of social development, the Prime Minister reminded his audience that plans for a third city were being advanced by the Urban Development Corporation. He pointed out that the development of a third city at this time would include all the latest technological advances, and could well be termed a “smart” city, thus providing facilities aimed towards a significant improvement in the quality of life.

The Conference was presented under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation.

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