Reggae,Rasta and Ganja: Sumfest Patrons Flock Cannabis Village at Reggae Sumfest

Latest Jamaica News. Montego Bay: There was an overwhelming response from both Jamaicans and foreigners to the Canna Corner at the recently held Reggae Sumfest music festival in Montego Bay.

The predominantly Rastafarian village featured a wide array of ganja-related products including CBD oils in vials and capsules, various strains of ganja, terpenes and rolling papers.  It also included a hemp energy drink which was very popular amongst patrons, vegan foods and natural beauty products.

Canna Corner, was initiated by the Rastafari and Grassroots Ganja Association (RAGGA), a cluster of Rastafari and grassroot organisations whose aim is to, among other things, protect the ganja-related rights of Rastafari people and grassroots communities, through educational and training programmes, collective representation for better industry standards and inclusiveness as well as technical and administrative assistance.

For president and chairman of Cannacure Eaton Evans, the response from Jamaicans varied between full appreciation and wariness as some persons who visited were not fully apprised of the medicinal value of the herb and its associated byproducts, and thought even smelling it would get them “high”.

I find that a lot of locals don’t have the full knowledge of what’s happening with …so we try as much to give them a little education as the breakdown in terms of the different oils and properties that come from the cannabis plant and how it is crucial to their health and wellness,” Evans told McKoys News in an interview at the CannaCure booth.

Some of them are still stuck in that stigma and don’t even want to smell it, as if it is going to do any harm.  But we try to soften the touch as far as introducing the cannabis t them in different ways and explaining to them about the psychoactive, THC properties which is what persons are scared of,” he added.

He said the lack of knowledge amongst Jamaicans about the herb was one of the things that triggered the establishment of RAGGA, which will continue to do its best to educate persons about the myriad of uses of ganja, other than smoking.

We are also telling them that cannabis is not just for smoking.  That is just a minute percentage of the use of cannabis.   So these things we elaborate a lot to make our own people in Jamaica understand, that they don’t run over by any kind for big investment that is going to be placed in the industry and them not being a part,” he said.

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