Frankie Paul Died

BREAKING: Reggae Dancehall ICON Frankie Paul Died Last Night

Kingston Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Frankie Paul Died: Paul Blake, known as  Jamaican Dancehall Reggae artist Frankie Paul,  passed away last night, Thursday April 18.

Born blind in 1965, Paul has been dubbed by some ‘The Jamaican Stevie Wonder’. Frankie Paul was born blind but received partial sight as a boy when he had an eye operation on a hospital ship.

As a school boy he sang for Stevie Wonder when he visited the Salvation Army School for the Blind, where Blake was attending, this prompted his singing career and Paul Blake became Frankie Paul. 

Frankie Paul made his first recording, “African Princess,” in 1980, when he 15 years old. Like Stevie Wonder, Frankie Paul played several musical instruments.

Blake has lived in Gambia, West Africa since 1994, in January 2016 he underwent surgery to amputate a foot and part of his leg.

He has reportedly admitted in Jamaica at the University of the West Indies Hospital since April 2017. He had been suffering from kidney problems and was on dialysis two days per week.

Frankie Paul Died last night in the hospital, at minutes after 10 pm. He was 52-year-old.

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