Reggae Artiste Ce’cile Angry about 4-year Sentence Given to St Catherine Man Who Raped Disabled 12-year-old

Latest Jamaica News (McKoy’s News):  Reggae artiste Ce’cile is hopping mad at Jamaica’s justice system, after she learnt of a four-year sentence which was recently imposed upon a 59-year-old St. Catherine man. who raped a 12-year-old disabled girl.

In a recent Instagram rant, Ce’cile, who is the mother of a six-year-old girl, posted a screenshot of the article regarding the case which was carried in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper and expressed horror and disbelief about the perpetrator’s sentence, which she said was akin to a slap on the wrist by the judge, due to the gravity of the offence.  She said something must be done to update the laws to reflect appropriate sentences for violations.

I’m upset and I need advice and help! Was this the maximum this person could get based on our laws? OK, police really can’t stop crime really. If a dutty germs decide to do what he wants to do (murder, rape, this) it hard fi the police dem know beforehand (unless the next set of germs that knows tell them) HOWEVER! If the penalties are HARSH THATS A DETERRENT,” she stated.

So say this germs knows it’s max 50 years of hard Labour said germs might think twice. This germs is gonna rub four years get out and do it again. And the others like him will continue to do so. A vigilante we haffi go turn? Cause y’all f**king playing with our kids…we need justice for this 12-year-old,” she added.

Her post evoked a response from fellow artiste Tanya Stephens who recommended vigilante justice, a call which was supported by many of Ce’cile’s IG followers.

On the other hand, some lauded Ce’cile for her outspokenness and called on other entertainers to join in calling for amendments to the laws

I think entertainers can use their voices and be heard better than just regular citizens.  Maybe organize (a) march that ends up at the front lawn of Parliament with a representative to speak for the people,” Pauline Edwards suggested.

Truth! I remember you addressed this in your music times ago and this is still a thing? Can’t believe.  Will people ever be good people without being monsters, predators etc, etc?,” another commenter said.

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