RDX among top streaming acts for 2019

No strangers to the spotlight, the vocal and sometimes controversial dynamic duo RDX remain not just relevant but a staple in the music industry. One of the front runners promoting authentic reggae-dancehall music, and highlighting dancers who are normally overlooked, they have always been able to reinvent themselves while staying true to their core.

Undeniably one the most successful duos in reggae-dancehall history, RDX has been evolving over the years producing over 14 number one songs and energizing not just fans in Jamaica but in North and Latin America, Europe, the UK, and Africa. With such consistency, the duo remains upbeat and optimistic about 2020.

While 2019 may be viewed as a relatively quiet year for RDX, they have remained steadfast not just with producing quality over quantity but catering to and expanding their fan base worldwide. While the duo is never politically correct when they speak about the music industry, their predominantly female fanbase remains loyal and armed with the statistics to justify such.

Known for singles such as ‘Kotch’, ‘Jump’, ‘Daggering’ and many others, RDX managed to amass approximately 10 million streams across various platforms this year. With a 30% increase compared to 2018, countries such as The Netherlands, UK, USA, France, and Canada were amongst the top areas. Singles such as ‘Shake Your Bam Bam’, ‘Prayer’ and ‘Jaw’ that were released this year also garnered huge traction in markets outside of Jamaica.

RDX was also one of the featured artists in a Red Bull documentary titled “Displaced” which looked at Jamaica, its culture, its music and people through the lens of music and its practitioners. The duo who recently performed on the RDX Kollege Rok Tour also visited several Caribbean Islands and the USA, with the most recent stop being the Cayman Islands in early December.

With 2020 on the horizon, RDX is ready to share with their fans a re-energize duo as they finalize touches to collaborations with other notable artists and the release of their third studio album.

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