Raymond Pryce: The Great PNP Leader in Waiting

Jamaica News, December 3, 2018

Raymond Pryce: As we continue the series looking at the Potential Future Leaders of the PNP it’s hard to omit Raymond Pryce. A look at Comrade Pryce’s resume one would ask why isn’t this talented young man more of a compelling figure in the PNP.  When you speak with him you are bowled over with intellect. Raymond has the ability to think and organize his thoughts all at the same time and motivate you to listen. If he has uttered a word of nonsense I haven’t heard it. Still, it brings up the question where is Mr Pryce in the mix of today’s PNP politics.

In any conversation with Mr Pryce, he reminds you of the positives of those you may disregard easily. Indeed in a conversation with him regarding leadership, he reminds you that in 2008 all the pundits said PSM was history and could not deliver victory to the PNP in any election. Yet with the right team and proper organization she won in a canter.

In my opinion, Raymond Pryce is one of those misunderstood young leaders of the PNP.  One who is not utilized correctly. Still, he is loyal and faithful to his party.  For me, I see Raymond as the dark horse someone pointed out to me. There are many detractors to a Raymond Pryce. But a quitter he isn’t.  The man has a steely fight in him and any leadership debate including Raymond Pryce is a huge box office draw. But how is he with leadership? Could a Raymond Pryce bring back the youth to the party? Could a Raymond Pryce get the party machinery to work with him and on his behalf? Could a Raymond Pryce change the political landscape of Jamaican politics as a leader? My guess is yes. But it would require a kind of unified support the likes of which the party has never seen….To some people, he is an enigma….To many, it’s frustrating not seeing him front and centre in the party. These are my thoughts on a Pryce leadership somewhere in the future. All that is in your hands. Let me hear you on Raymond Pryce as a future PNP leader…

Disclaimer: This article is contributed and is the opinion of the writer and not the views of Mckoy’s News.

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