Raymond Pryce for Central Kingston

Unafraid Series With Raymond-Pryce
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Only one aspirant of the five is up to the task at hand to fast track the Development Agenda for Central Kingston.

That aspirant is Raymond Pryce. The best indicator of how someone will perform in the future is a review of their performance in similar capacities in the past.

The main contender outside of Pryce is Duncan-Price who our sources tell us introduces herself to people in the constituency as being DK’s daughter. Good that her patrimony and paternity issues are known. However apart from a birth certificate what does she bring to the table in terms of experience?

Her time with her father while he was in Hanover as MP did not leave a good taste in the mouths of people out West. Her tenure as Campaign Manager for Omar Davies’ failed Presidential bid in 2016 also left a sour taste.

Her bid to succeed Davies in South St Andrew made her a late non-starter. Her entry and exit in East Rural St Andrew was equally uneventful but for the political birth of Juliet Holness.

She did a term as a Senator with no runs on the board and followed with a forgettable stint at CAPRI.

Her achievements elsewhere have been private for if they exist no one can point to them.

Raymond Pryce, on the other hand, has been a part of the public equation for some time now. He breathed new life into the Consumer Affairs Commission – leading the charge on Identity Theft and Consumer Education to the benefit of consumers across the country. He has served previously as MP for North East St Elizabeth. A stormy term for sure with many notable comrades fighting him tooth and nail for what was described as trying to change the political culture they were accustomed to. Yet media reports were inundated with Schools being built or expanded, Clinics modernized, bridges and roads built, homework centres, computer resource rooms and the removal of pit latrines (yes in the 21st Century) from more than a dozen schools.

Perhaps most notably he resumed and lead the local debate for the decriminalization of Ganja and was the first to stand in Parliament and request Reparations for the Rastafarians who were abused by the State at Coral Gardens during Black Friday.

Pryce has detractors for sure – but show me any other leader who has stood for poor people who have not attracted the disdain of the entitled in this country.

Our checks on the ground confirm the people want Raymond Pryce. The outcome will again become a signal to youth as to the motives of the PNP.
Recall the 2016 General Elections result when the country witnessed the removal of Pryce and Crawford.

We call this one for Raymond Pryce- let’s see if the delegates will do the same.


Contributed by K. B. Marshall 


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