Raw Sewage Affecting Railway Lane Residents

Raw Sewage Affecting Railway Lane Residents in Montego Bay  

Jamaica News, February 23, 2018. Raw Sewage Affecting Railway Lane Residents                                       

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Disgruntled residents of Railway Lane in Montego Bay, St James say they are now calling on Richard Vernon,  Councillor of Montego Bay South Division,  the Mayor Homer Davis and the Western Parks and Market to address a serious sewage flow which has been affecting them for some time now.

The Residents and business operators are now saying this foul stench and stagnant water which contain feces and maggots are posing to be a dangerous health threat to their daily living.

Raw Sewage Affecting Railway Lane Residents

Several of the business owners mentioned that they are unable to open up their establishment effectively because of the sewage overflow.

Several attempts were made to contact the Councillor but they all proved futile.

The disgruntled residents say they now want the relevant authorities to visit the community and address the situation immediately.  They further mentioned that the situation has been this way for some time now and each day it is becoming more life-threatening.

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