Dangerous Ratty Gang Strikes Again in St James

St. James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Ratty Gang Strikes Again: Over the past few days, the Cambridge police have been forced to carry out a series of operations in the Retrieve community, in search of gang members attached to the dangerous Ratty Gang, who have been causing mayhem and creating terror on the residents.

Over the past weeks, gang members have carried out several shootings in the area, with the latest victim being a 24-year-old man, who is now at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, nursing gunshot wounds when he was shot and injured on Monday afternoon in Retrieve, Cambridge.

The police reported that at about 4:30 pm on Monday, the victim was at his home in Retrieve, when a group of armed men entered the yard and asked for a family member.

It is further reported that the gunmen opened fire hitting the victim in his lower body. He ran to avoid further shots and sought refuge elsewhere in the community. He was assisted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was treated and admitted.

The police have reported that just a few days ago, armed men attached to the Ratty Gang, ambushed and attacked members of a police patrol and shot up the service vehicle.

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