Cousin or No Cousin, Hurry-up, Bring Dem to Justice, says Ratty Family


St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – The family member of one of St James’ most wanted criminals, Ryan ‘Ratty’ Peterkin, say they living in fear, after there was a split in the Ratty Gang forming another gang, which they fear is now murdering off members of Peterkin’s family, who not involved in gangs or criminal activities.

Relatives of the Peterkin family have voiced that they are desperate for the joint military forces to capture the gang members –  which they believe would bring some level of dignity to back the family.

Urgency has increased the relatives say, after one of Ratty’s top lieutenant, Delano Wilmott, allegedly left the Ratty Gang and formed his own gang, “The Prekeh Gang.” Now the two gangs are at war and the Peterkin’s are dropping dead from bullets.

Delano Wilmott otherwise called ‘Lane’ or ‘Prekeh Bwoy’ of Mother Lane, Retrieve, in the parish of St James, is wanted for the murder of Mark Williams in 2016.

Relatives of wanted man Ryan Peterkin lamented that they are ‘tired’ of the killings, because in a short time they have lost four family members, and they are living in fear of who is next, as they have no control over the gangs, which can strike anywhere.

In the Western Star, a relative attending the funeral of two of Ratty’s cousins said,

“Di security forces need fi hurry up and bring di whole a dem to justice; cousin or nuh cousin, they are criminals,” 

According to the St James Police, Ryan “Ratty Gang” Peterkin is wanted for two incidents of shooting, and he is a person of interest or a criminal suspect in relation to two other shootings and five cases of murder.

In several cases, the security forces have tried to capture Peterkin but he escaped them while shooting high powered weapons at them.

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