'rastamen' fighting

‘Rastamen’ fighting- ‘Rastamen’ fighting after exchanging expletives

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

‘Rastamen’ fighting are words never used in the same sentence, unless it is on the topic of oppression to bring a point across.

A video have circulated on social media in Kingston, Jamaica, showing two rastamen fighting in light of what many said was due to the exchange of expletives, followed by the phrase ” Go s… yuh mada,” an all too familiar term used by many Jamaicans as a sign to intentionally disrespect someone.

The term however, was not taken lightly be the “receiving end,” which resulted in the physical argument between both men, caught on camera throwing punches.

Locks pulled out, punches throwing, one on top of the other rolling in the dirt between two parked vehicles, was a sight on display for spectators, who gathered and started filming what looked like a street MMA match, “the rastamen fighting edition.”

Many cheered the two men, one man decided to moderate the physical dispute while filming it with his cellphone. “All locks pan d grung, people all locks pan d grung, two rasta fighting, ‘tavi’ deh pan tap” he said. “This is all over because one seh go s….yuh mada people, because one seh go s… yuh mada,” were the words of one man who was filming and moderating.

There are no information whether the fight was reported or a police officer came on the scene as that was the end of the film posted on social media.

Persons have commented, saying the image of ‘rastamen’ fighting is out of the character with the principles and fundamentals of rasta, others find the video as mere entertainment and some are saying they are just wearing the locks as style, not real rasta according to the culture of the revolutionary movement that speaks on peace and prosperity of mankind.

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