Ras IIIkon Suggests Detoxifying Water to Fight Coronavirus

In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many small business owners have changed gear and started supplement personal protect equipment to both combat the virus and make a profit, but, one business owner has sought to provide his services in the form of natural and healthy juices which carries an array of benefits—which could possibly help combat the coronavirus.

According to Ras IIIkon (pronounced Icon), the owner and proprietor of the Key of Life Healthy Living, in Montego Bay St. James, the virus can be battled using natural produce, one of which is his key product the Detoxifying Water.

The Detoxifying Water would be so powerful for someone who is suffering from the coronavirus because the detoxifying water helps to remove mucus [this combats] the cornonavirus which has a symptom where the mucus keeps multiplying. Additionally, with the Sarsaparilla, which is a source of iron, you know, the more iron you have the more oxygen you will have in your system. Also, you know that when you have the coronavirus you have respiratory system blockages, when you have a lot of Dandelion and Sarsaparilla it will help to relieve it.” IIIkon said in an interview with Mckoy’s News.

Along with the two core ingredients, other ingredients include Burdock Root, Cloves and Guinea Hen Root.

IIIkon also revealed that while Detoxifying Water is powerful in keeping the system clean and helps to boost the immune system which can combat the coronavirus; it is to be maintained with the proper care of the body which equates to eating healthy.

Blood and starch hardens the mucus when they are consumed, so the less you consume them the mucus will be released more. Blood and starch is the number one contributors to the hardening of the mucus membrane. I would recommend consuming lots water, nuts, grains and fruits and vegetable.

He also recommends reducing the level of intake of meat, to the progressive elimination altogether.

But, while he recommends this, IIIkon continues to do business throughout Montego Bay where he offers both health consultation and other produce such as: tamarind juice, natural electrolytes, blends of seeds juice (pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds) which contributes to healthy development of the body through organic and nutritional benefits.

If you want to contact Ras IIIkon, you can reach him at 876-569-1666.


By Chenson Bennett

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