Rape Amongst the Underaged

Jamaica Crime: Rape Amongst the Underaged – There are many issues that plague society. These issues seem to constantly be addressed by citizens, authority, business owners, parents, the government, and just about anyone else you can think of, but it takes more than just speaking about something to deter it, which almost seems like the typical reaction, and action, in Jamaica.

Crimes that have unanimously been labeled as terrible seem to be getting worse. Not only are they getting worse, but they are no longer limited to the wicked adults who have lost all their self-control. Children seem to be emulating the bad behaviours, and though, arguably, kids don’t know better, some actions should not be in the forefront of a child’s brain, especially enough for them to plan and execute.

For this article, we are not talking about underage drinking, watching pornographies, or owning a knife. We are talking about rape.

In 2019 in a small town named Knockpatrick, Mandeville, an 11-year-old girl while traversing her regular to-and-from route faced one of the worst experiences on her regular stroll from school. She was abducted by a boy only 4 years older than her; still a child himself.

The boy, who was later in custody, attacked her, vigorously raped her, then gave her a “choice”: be knocked out or be killed. He did exactly what she chose. He knocked her out and left her lying in pain, fear, and an experience that will contribute to her misery for the rest of her living life.

We are talking about a 15-year-old. Not an adult who has made a decision to be heartless, but a child who was likely so influenced that he plotted a horrendous plan to hurt someone and did it.

Her discovery occurred after someone found her lunch bag and carried it back to the school. An alarm was raised and a search was performed where they eventually found the girl lying there.

There have been no developments in the case since.


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