Did New York Woman Brutally Stabbed Dead in Jamaica Know Her Killer?

St. James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) Queens, New York Woman Brutally Stabbed Dead: Police Investigators state that the Queens, New York model murdered in rural St James, was likely killed by someone she knew.

According to Police Superintendent Michael Phipps, investigators believe that 26-year-old Desiree Gibbon, was out with a mysterious person she knew on the night before her body was found on the side of the Long Hill main road in St James with her throat slit.

“We believe more or less that she may have been familiar with the person who did this,” Phipps told the Daily News.

Desiree Gibbon New York Woman Found Dead with Throat Slashed Open in Jamaica (GoFundMe)
Desiree Gibbon (GoFundMe)

The brutalized body of the former beauty contestant was found about 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, November, 26 near the bushes, on the side of a roadway in Anchovy, St. James, which is about  4 miles from Montego Bay where she was staying.

Supt. Phipps reports that about 11 p.m. Saturday, Desiree Gibbon left the guesthouse in Montego Bay, which is owned by the Gibbon family, with only her cell phone and no purse.

New York Woman Brutally Stabbed Dead in Jamaica: It is suspected that Desiree was also beaten beaten in a struggle for her life, as there are laceration to her neck, and multiple bruises on her hands, thighs, upper and lower body.

Her body was found fully clothed but her phone was missing. An autopsy is scheduled for Dec. 5, which will determine if the 26-year-old woman was sexually assaulted.

Investigations revealed that Gibson visited several bars in Montego Bay that night.

We’re not sure who she was with,” Phipps said. “Next thing we know, her body was found the following day.”

Murdered Female American, New York Woman Brutally Stabbed Dead in Jamaica
Desiree Gibbon New York Woman Brutally Stabbed Dead in Jamaica (Facebook)

Gibbon’s uncle living in Jamaica spoke to news media today Friday, Dec. 1, stating that the police informed him that they were seeking to question two young women, however, no suspects have been identified.

The uncle also told reporters that is not uncommon for his niece to leave out without disclosing her whereabouts, as she would often go and come freely.

Relatives are stating that Desiree was independent, and street smart and is hoping that during her struggle, she collected DNA from her murder(s).

The 26-year-old, Gibbon’s, granddaughter of the owners of Gibbs’s Chateau in the resort city of Montego Bay, grew up in Hollis, Queens, New York. She arrived in Montego Bay on Oct. 20 and was scheduled to return home Nov. 30.

According to her friends and relatives in the US, Desiree was a happy person, life of the party, who aspired to attend film school in Europe. She came to Jamaica with a work visa and aquired a Jamaican Tax Number (TRN) and was activley seeking bartending jobs in the resort Montego Bay area, in hopes of earning additional money bartending, to save for the USD$14,000 she needed for school. Her relatives say the young woman was very independent and wanted to work and earn her own money.

Desiree Gibbon New York Woman Found Dead
Desiree Gibbon New York Woman Found Dead with Throat Slashed Open in Jamaica (GoFundMe)

Her mother and family members are expected to be in Jamaica over the weekend, they say they want to bring her body home and lay her to rest in the US.

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