Quarantined Victims Claiming Mistreatment

A woman is now expressing her frustration in regard to the treatment of her family and herself by the members of her community and the health authorities.

She states that after travelling from New York To Jamaica on March 24, she has only been contacted by the Health Authorities twice via phone—she claims, that no one has visited her to ensure she has been quarantined at her home in St. Catherine since her landing.

The woman said she travelled on April 3 to Old Harbour Health Centre, where she did a test to ascertain whether she has the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Two weeks later, she is still awaiting the test result.

The woman noted that no one in her family is showing any COVID-19 symptom although all the times stipulated for her to be self-quarantined have elapsed.

Nonetheless, the community continues to be hostile to the family.

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