Quality of Road Experience to Improve with Traffic Act Public Awareness Campaign

Quality of Road Experience to Improve with Traffic Act Public Awareness Campaign

The Road Traffic Act Public Awareness Campaign, dubbed ‘Know the Road Code’, will bring attention to key concerns regarding proper road usage and the desired behaviours to improve the quality of the road experience for all Jamaicans.

Cabinet was recently provided with an update on the campaign by Minister without Portfolio, with Responsibility for Information, Hon. Robert Morgan.

Speaking at a post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House on April 19, Mr. Morgan said he outlined to the Cabinet that the Ministry of Transport and Mining had made adjustments to the Road Traffic Act to focus on regulating behaviour and the laws concerning all road users of Jamaica, in an attempt to make the road safe and secure for every citizen.

The objectives of the campaign are to minimise road fatalities, build a culture of responsible driving in the wider community, and increase public awareness of the revised Road Traffic Act.

It also aims to promote safer roads for the Jamaican public and sensitise the Jamaican public about the revised Road Traffic Regulations.

The Road Traffic Act, 2018 and Road Traffic Regulations, 2022 were implemented in February 2023.

Regulations under the Road Traffic Act cover areas such as fitness, registration and licensing of motor vehicles; construction of and equipment for motor vehicles; licensing of drivers; certification of driving instructors and licensing of driving schools; traffic signs, speed limits and rules of the road.

Some of the offences for which heavy fines will be imposed include driving without the required motor-vehicle insurance coverage, driving a motor vehicle without being the holder of a permit or driver’s licence, failure of a driver to obey the traffic light, loud noise within silent zones, failure to wear a protective helmet, failure to comply with traffic signs, and failure to stop at a pedestrian crossing.


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