Quada Shares His Journey In Official Video For ‘Better Life’

Dancehall artiste Quada has released the official music video for his latest track Better Life today (May 8).  The song is on the State Of Mind Riddim and was produced By Attomatic Records

The track tells of the pain that the baritone musician has encountered in his life so far and how he intends to use those experiences to make himself better. The video, produced by Dark Moon Cenima explores the dark theme of poverty and ghetto life and the many struggles that come for people who live in those situations.

“Right now some different road me deh pon, worst me live fe see meh mother dead in ah me hand,” he croons and the emotion is palpable in his voice. Quada, whose real name is Shaquelle Clarke, goes into a bit about his life story as he walks down the a street in Jamaica.

“Nuff time me look in ah meh life and feel fe sit down and cry. Me ah come from dirt, zinc fence and ply,” he sings.

As he meditates, while smoking a joint, Quada reveals that none of these negative things will define him and he’s determined to use them as kindle to keep his fire for a new life burning.

“Long time me ah prayer for a better life, money and fame couldn’t make me high. Me ah go smile again me so happy,” he continues. He adds that he’s appreciative that some of those depressing circumstances didn’t make him suicidal.

The video then follows him in the studio where he’s putting in the hours suggesting that music was his outlet and the way that he conquered any ill feelings that he may have held on to as a result of his circumstances.

The song is just under three minutes but is truly inspirational and has a story that will surely resonate with his fans, especially those who may be in a similar situation and trying to find a way out.

The video has already amassed over 29 000 views and his fans continue to support his growth as an artiste.

This fan commented some uplifting words: “ Better life is coming. Like if you praying for God to make your life better  ,” another fan who appreciated the rendition asked the artiste to do a collaboration with Popcaan for the summer: “Real artiste  mek sure u drop a WICKED MAN SUMMER CHUNE WID POPPY n tek the summer yzzzzzt  #greatness.”

This fan also had some encouraging words for the artiste: “Better Life Will Come Soon Stay Strong My Love God Timing Is The Best Timing  #MadTuneee  #WildCrocsForLife .”

The most appealing thing about this tune is the brutal honesty of it and it seems Quada was not afraid to share about his struggles or his plan for getting through them to “the other side.”

Watch the official video for Better Life below.

You can also catch Quada’s live performance for BBC 1xtra yesterday where he sang Hail and Tint.


Source: Dancehallmag


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