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Quada Says Ghetto Youths Were Born To Be ‘Great’ In New Music Video: Watch

Quada Gets Candid About His Recent Arrest And Being Signed To Popcaan’s Label

Quada Gets Candid About His Recent Arrest And Being Signed To Popcaan’s Label


Dancehall artiste Quada released a new music video for his single Great yesterday May 24th on his VEVO and YouTube pages. The single is an uplifting and inspiring message to the ghetto youths with the accompanying music video going right into the underprivileged schemes and homes to showcase some pretty disquieting visuals.

The 22-year-old grew up in Sterling Castle, Stony Hill, under very humble circumstances and has been very public about his rough journey to celebrity, consistently singing his praises and gratitude to his Unruly mentor Popcaan, whose label he is signed with.

Quada, whose real name is Shaquelle Clarke, has remained quite levelheaded throughout the short stint of his career, and in his new single, the deejay tells the ghetto youths that like himself, they can become ‘great’ too.

In the video, he walks through narrow dirt lanes among dilapidated concrete slab apartment homes in the ghetto to deliver his lyrics. “Born fi be great, every ghetto yout born fi be great (yeh) man born fi great, elevate now, a time fi be great.” Quada then continues to talks about working hard and providing for his family, also staying focused and driven to go even further in life.

He emphasizes the sweet elements of his success as a way of motivating the youths, singing “Fresh off a flight, mi nu sleep last night, fans all bout suh mi haffi tour the eart’. Check mi time, mi have a show fi work, f**k it up and den mi buy mi girl some Tory Burch. Mi family haffi aright, mi son tell mi say him like sports car, the fast type.”

The visuals display the Better Life deejay giving back to his community through selfless good deeds. Spotting a man on the road wearing worn-out shoes, so he pulls over his car to give him the Clarkes off his own feet. Also handing out money to those in need including some street kids to which he lends some positive words to squash their battle.

Credits to Shot N’ Stunning production for the documentary type music video giving viewers a real look of life in the ghetto as well as animating Quada’s insightful lyrics. The single was produced by Louie V Music and Unruly Entertainment and distributed by Zojak World Wide. Check out Quada’s Great single and music video below-


Source: Dancehallmag

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