Quada And Zamunda Release Visuals For ‘Buckle Up’: Watch

Quada and Zamunda have released the visuals for their song Buckle Up today (August 7).

The video, by Khingcam Visuals, was very fitting for the song’s message of affluence and wealth. The first verse goes “Money fi nuff up inna bank account…..nothing nuh out deh weh we can’t afford”. The men were seen enjoying a game of chess in the video at a luxurious property with cigars and security personnel.

The song was also meant to be both inspirational to ghetto ‘yutes’ as well aspirational. Besides the clear affluence, the conversation in the beginning of the video between Quada and Zamunda about how far they were coming from was the first clue. The song also urges ghetto yutes to “buckle up” and believe in themselves and get rich by “making a move for the millions” and “hunt for the millions”.

The comments sections were filled with compliments and praises for the duo.

One comment said: “Zamunda gd vibes need fu sing more chune dancehall a miss u  ”

Another agreed that the song and video complemented each other: “Good calab sound good an video illustrates wat song is saying job well done 100%”

The fans  seemed to really loved the collab, many comments such as this one praised it: “Two well bad voice, one well bad collaboration and a big bad song that punch’s the soul  ”

Quada has been busy releasing music this summer. He released the audio for “AMG” last week and it’s almost at 100,000 views and the music video for Small Talk in early July which has almost 400,000 views.

Zamunda, on the other hand, has been slowly making his way back unto the scene this year. The Get High singer released a couple of solo music videos this year such as Lover’s Vacation and Idiot Style.

Watch Buckle Up below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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