Push A Yute- More than a label

Business News: We all have our favourite artist, songs, actors, selectors (disc jocs) comedians and all the celebrities we see or hear on our radio and television screens. Have you ever thought about who manages these peoples? Who actually keeps their business affairs and branding going. Most people see the screen or hear the voices but very rarely ask these questions.

Well, let me introduce you to one of several agencies or actually one of the few that handle all these egos, careers and business affairs. While still maintaining their brand and relationships with corporations locally and globally. “Push A Yute Ltd” has been around for some time now. Some people have heard the name pop up on various events and artists speaking about the company. They have assisted with more than five prominent names to date. Ranging from Tanto Blacks, Lisa Hyper,  Indie Allen, Deva Bratt, Christopher Johnny Daley, Munga, Makonnen, Natural High Music, Full Range Ent. The list goes on. Vivian Thomas founder of the company has played an instrumental role in each and all these acts and labels career. A well respected label head and marketer he’s considered a network guru and his ability to reinvent acts and brands have been a trademark of his company and himself. Push A Yute has come a long way since 2009.

We caught up with him and the team as they venture into the new decade. As a label, we are a lot stronger and a lot more centralized. We have signed “PEPPA” formerly known as Mr. Peppa. Presently the label is working on perfecting his first EP which has tracks being produced by Push A Yute Productions, Keely Keyz, Anju Blaxx UIM Records.
The company made a leap by also signing Baba Dee the famous Dancehall Disc Joc and m.c. along with now booking for ZJ Ice of the famous Zip FM. So the company is clearly active.

So what about the fact the name is Push A Yute. Who is the future? Where is the next young come up? Well, he introduced us to “J Questt” who is next in line. Manager Simone Dewar made it clear she was putting together the blueprint for this upcoming singjay.

This was just a chapter in the world of this company. Is it a label. They say not exactly. Then what is it? Its an entertainment company that focuses on culture. Puts their acts and the talent first. Open expression and a door way for people who just don’t know how to channel their I.P. That’s what we are about. Oh yeah, and they still make hit songs.


By: Vivian Thomas

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