Public Procurement Regulations Approved By the House

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Jamaica News: The House of Representatives on Tuesday (June 11) approved the Public Procurement (Registration and Classification of Suppliers) Regulations, 2019.

Piloted by Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke, the Regulations are critical to the operationalisation of the reformed public procurement landscape.

In his address, Dr. Clarke said the Regulations will fully enable the Public Procurement Commission to fulfil its functions of registering and classifying suppliers; of continuously assessing suppliers for capacity and performance; and establishing and managing activities of sector committees, among other functions.

Providing details, Dr. Clarke explained that Regulations one and two address preliminary issues, such as the name of the Regulations, and set out certain definitions.

“Regulations three, four and five relate to the registration process and include very simple lists of documents that are required for registration towards easing the process of doing business and ensuring inclusiveness for a wide cross section of Jamaicans, including micro, small and medium-sized businesses,” he added.

He further informed that Regulations six, seven and eight outline how applications for certain categories and grades of suppliers are to be treated; how the interviews of prospective suppliers and the inspection of their businesses will be conducted; and any change in classification they may want to make.

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In addition, Dr. Clarke said Regulations nine, 10 and 11 address the duration of registration; the payment of registration fees; and outlines that a supplier shall not participate in a procurement opportunity, unless that supplier’s classification and grade qualify that supplier to participate.

“The Government wishes to note that the fees remain the same as we are keen on stimulating the economy for growth,” he said.

Also, Regulations 12, 13 and 14 address the issuance of certificates of registration for works, goods and services and artisans; the modification of registration, as and when that is required, and the suspension of registration if necessary.

Regulations 15, 16 and 17 give the Commission powers to cancel registration, outline the procedures for suspension and cancellation of registration, and to make provisions for the approval of unregistered suppliers, respectively.

In addition, Regulation 18 outlines the Commission’s duty to maintain a register of suppliers at all times to be called ‘Public Procurement-approved Supplier Register’, available for inspection by members of the public, which will allow for transparency in the process.

Dr. Clarke said Regulations 19 and 20 address any amendment that the Commission may have to make to the register, and make it an offence to use an invalid certificate of registration, respectively.

He noted that with these Regulations, the Government intends to continue to fulfil its commitment to maximise economic growth and development and efficiency in public procurement.

Dr. Clarke added that the Regulations will “promote economic development through public procurement… ensure that we obtain value for money through public procurement and foster greater levels of transparency and encourage participation in government of Jamaica public procurement”.


Source: JIS News

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