Prostitute Beaten almost to Death After Refusing to Perform Oral Sex on Alleged Don

Prostitute Beaten
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Jamaica Crime News, Montego Bay (McKoy’s News) – A 25-year-old prostitute who performs her lady of the night duties, say she was beaten almost to death several days ago after she refused to perform oral sex on an alleged customer, who identified himself as a community don.

The terrified woman who gave her name as “Bubbles” stated that she had still not reported the matter to the police, because her life was threatened.

When the woman visited the McKoy’s News office on Monday evening, bruises and cuts were visible all over her body and clearly shows that she had been interrogated.

“Bubbles ” stated that she operates from a popular corner in downtown Montego Bay and last Friday night about 7:30 p.m., she was approached by a popular clothes vendor who informed her that his boss saw her and wanted to sleep with her.

Thinking that this was just another regular customer, she readily agreed and told the clothes vendor to inform his boss of her price for the night.

The man left, and about fifteen minutes later he returned and informed her that his boss said, the price was no problem.

“Bubbles” said she was then picked up in a high-end vehicle by two men and driven to an apartment located in an upscale community in Montego Bay and upon arrival, she was shocked to see the luxury that was being displayed, on the outside, and the inside, of the apartment.

” Mi know seh a mi money mi a defend, but the place suh nice, mi never did a hurry fi leave,” bubbles mentioned with a smile  “mi meet the man and immediately wi started to have sex,  but mi start get suspicious when mi si him start bring out all sort a objects and a ask mi fi do some strange things to him.”

“Bubbles ” stated that she had performed oral sex on many of her customers before,  but the sort of oral sex that this so-called don wanted her to do, was against her job description.

“big man mi will work wid the penis, but is not everywhere mi put my mouth,” bubbles said she told the man,  “and is not everywhere pon my body, mi mek man sex mi.”

The woman said immediately as the words came out her mouth,  she started to receive punches and kicks all over her body.

“mi scream out and him call the other two boy them, and them would a kill  mi wid lick, and a sey mi a diss the don,” bubbles stated.  ” one a them start beat mi with one big dildo, which is about twelve inches long,”

“them beat mi fi over half hour and is only when mi start fi faint weh, that them stop. Mi si mi life flash before mi,  and mi hear when the don man tell them fi tek mi out a him house and go throw mi pon the road,”

Bubbles stated that while she was still in a semi-unconscious state, she was driven to a section of the Orange main road and thrown from the vehicle into the roadway.

She said, she waited for a while and although she was covered in blood, she managed to drag herself to her feet and walked for over an hour until she was back in downtown Montego Bay.

Her friends were shocked to see the state that she was in and when she told them what had taken place, they assisted her to a private doctor and then went in search of the clothes vendor, who has not been seen since.

“Bubbles” mentioned that up to date, she has still not gotten back her handbag which contained her identification card and other personal documents.

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