Two Murdered at Party in Georges Plain

Promoter Among Two Murdered at Party in Georges Plain, Westmoreland

Two men were shot dead at a party in Georges Plain, Westmoreland, on Thursday night.

The victims have been identified as 48-year-old Owen King, otherwise called ‘Peterkin’, a popular music promoter who lived in the community. The other victim is a 50-year-old man identified only as ‘Chambers’.

According to Westmoreland Police, at about 11:30 pm, both men were patrons at a party on Jane Mark’s Road in Georges Plain. A Toyota motorcar pulled up to the venue and two armed men exited the vehicle.  The men opened fire on both victims hitting them in their upper bodies, before fleeing in the waiting vehicle.

Both victims were taken to the Savanna-La-Mar General Public Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.



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