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Producer Ricky Peela Tops US Reggae iTunes Charts


The album “The Sounds Of South America” produced by Ricky Peela, a producer and owner of Peela Productions, topped the US Reggae iTunes Charts on the day of its release, October 15, 2021.  Ricky Peela whose real name is Ricardo Grant was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He began producing in 2006, and his record label, Peela Productions is based in New York.

This album was done by the international Dancehall, Roje Roman Robinson, more popularly known as Xyclone.  “Realness”, was the top track of the album and was sung by Xyclone and Amlak RedSquare, who is also a dancehall artiste.

Interestingly, in 2012 Peela was the one to reach out to Xyclone in New York.  There Pella allured Xyclone to his project by prompting his rich history with multiple dancehall artists such as Luciano, Lukie D, Wasp, Screechie Dan, and Devin Di Dakta.

In the same light, the track “Realness” would not have been made if Amlak RedSquare did not think about collaborating with Xyclone as Peela sent the instrumental to Almak first.

Peela thinks “Realness” is one of the best songs he’s produced, if not the best, and knew it would be a success. He said, “It’s a tremendous feeling in regards to this huge accomplishment, one that I am truly grateful for. I knew that the song would have found a spot on Xyclone’s album, “The Sounds Of South America”, because the song is worthy of its place.”

Peela plans to secure his place in the music industry by getting people to notice his production quality and says it will stand out on the album.  He sees the collaboration between Xyclone and Amlak RedSquare as a great opportunity to act on, knowing that both artists’ song will bring the label some recognition.

Peela says currently, much more projects are in the works and will be released promptly.  He is also looking forward to working with Xyclone again.

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