Producer aims to Produce Jamaica next big Star

Producer and owner of Love and Gratitude record label, Andre Minto, says he is working hard to produce Jamaica’s next star artiste. He says, he always dreamed to become more successful as a business owner.

One way he has done apart from his producing music is to sell branded merchandise, such as shirts. In this way, he aims to leverage the support from his clients’ fans to support his business ideas so, ensuring that his entities can become known worldwide.

As he tries to produce the next world-renowned artiste, he aims to push recording artiste Lazer Maytrixx to his limits. This has resulted in Lazer Maytrixx releasing four songs since he signed to Andre’s label.

In the next few weeks, Minto aims to capitalize on two music videos for Lazer Maytrixx songs, Ghetto story and the popular song Bedroom featuring Steffy Biz.

Producer Andre Minto holds up one of his company design T Shirts ,with the Love And Gratitude Logo.



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