Prisoners Riot at Negril Police Lock-Up

Latest Jamaica News, Westmoreland (McKoy’s News): The Westmoreland police were forced to deploy a large team of police personnel at the Negril police station in Negril, on Thursday morning, January 16, following an inhouse riot staged by the inmates on the cell block.

Police have confirmed the incident but have not provided background information as to how the incident occurred.

One police source told Mckoy’s News that the prisoners started an uproar at the lock-up right after they got visits from family members.

It is reported that they shook the grill door which barricades their cell door, resulting in one door coming loose, but swift reactions by the police resulted in the inmates in that particular cell being held at bay.

The lawmen worked swiftly to bring back peace and calm to the cell block, and luckily none of the inmates were injured. The police have indicated that an investigation is now underway to determine who, and what sparked the protest.

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