Prime Minister Apoligise to Lloyd B Smith

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Jamaica News, January 29, 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Former People’s National Party Member of Parliament for St James Central and also former Deputy Speaker of the House and St James business tycoon Lloyd B Smith, on Monday morning tells this media house that the Prime Minister of Jamaica contacted him and apologized for what he and several other business operators say is a blunder on the behalf of the Major Stake Holders meeting which was held in Montego Bay on Saturday.

The CEO and Chief Editor of the Western Mirror Newspaper indicated that based on the apology to him by Prime Minister Holiness, he is willing to accept what was said and wishes to go no further with his disrepute.

On Saturday, January 28, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his team arrived in Montego Bay and met with the major stakeholders of Montego Bay who seeks to be a part of the solution in moving forward after the State of Emergency.

This meeting which was held at a prominent resort at Rosehall lasted for several hours.

Immediately after the meeting, Lloyd B Smith came publicly on Social Media and questioned the government, while voicing that he was very upset at the nature in which the meeting was kept.

The former Member of Parliament asked the question, “is it only Laborites and JLP Sympathisers who are major stakeholders?”  His rant went on to instruct the Prime Minister that, “to decide and rule will never work” and pointed out that he loves his city of Montego Bay and the parish and felt very offended by the Prime Minister’s personal approach.

Mr. Smith mentioned that he does not wish to discuss what was said between himself and the Prime Minister but, he wants the public to know that he accepted his apology.

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