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Prime Minister Visited Home of Slain Hanover Cashier Tasha Gordon

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Andrew Holness


Hanover, Jamaica (McN) – Prime Minister, Andrew Holness visited the family of murdered Hanover Cashier, Tasha Gordon on Sunday, Feb 19, to offer his condolence.

Tasha Gordon was taken from her workplace, a grocery store in Prospect Square, Hanover by gunmen on Monday January 9, after they executed her boss – Marvin Mcintosh, by gunshot, at the shop .

Tasha Gordon Kidnapped from the Wholesale Store where she worked in Prospect Square, Green Island – Hanover.

Immediately after Tasha Gordon’s abduction, residents of Green Island district searched for the missing cashier, along with Hanover and a neighbouring parish police and  the assistance of Police Canine dogs. Gordon’s slippers and $9,000 was discovered in the search but, Gordon was still not found. In efforts to find her, the Hanover police in co-ordination with Gordon’s relatives offered a J$100,000 reward. On February 3, her decomposing body was found by Cane Cutters in a Cane Field, in Haden Hall, Hanover.

Gordon was found naked, with her mouth gagged, and hands bound behind her back.

P.M. Holness gave update in a Twitter post on Sunday, that Tasha’s father and grandmother are heartbroken at the vicious way in which she was killed.

Prime Minister of Andrew Holness

He urged Jamaicans to take back the country from criminal elements; and made an appeal for the end to  violence against women and children. The Prime Minster reiterate that the government’s comprehensive crime plan, dedicated to stamping out violence and criminal activities in Jamaica is underway.

Mr. Holness urges citizens to work with the government in its plans to cut violence and prevent loss of lives, like Tasha Gordon.

Head of the Hanover Police Superintendent Atrell Collie says the police still have no leads into the murder of Gordon or Mcintosh.

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