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Primary and Junior High Schools Get $7.98 Billion for 2019/20


Jamaica News: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information will be increasing funding for primary, all-age and junior high schools to $7.98 billion for academic year 2019/2020.

This is in keeping with its non-mandatory fee policy, which commenced in September 2016.

In a recent bulletin, the Ministry informed that all infant departments and primary-level schools will receive $2,500 per student; and all-age and junior high schools will receive up to $19,000 per student.

Also to be provided is a maintenance grant of $150,000 per school, along with the janitorial grant of $250,000 and Internet/telephone grant of $60,000. Students who benefit from the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH), will receive literature books, while $2,000 will be allocated to cover identification (ID) and uniform-related items. Book vouchers valued at $2,000 each will be provided for the neediest students.

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The Ministry will continue to pay the insurance for students on PATH and wards of the State at all levels.

The non-mandatory fee policy is based on the philosophy that public education should be properly funded by the Government while encouraging stakeholders to make voluntary contributions.

As such, the Ministry is committed to supporting the core services and ensuring that the costs for these services, including additional staffing, are fully funded in order to reduce the need to request additional support from parents.

Parents, guardians and school administrators are being reminded that the basis of this policy is not to defund schools but to give them more resources to support subvention, teaching and learning, special education, maintenance and capital works.


Source: JIS News


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