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Another Threat to Kill Guyana’s President David Granger Engaging Police Attention

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (Caribbean360) – Threat to Kill Guyana’s President David Granger: Police in Guyana are still investigating a call from a prison inmate who threatened to assassinate President David Granger.

Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels confirmed the inmate from the Lusignan Prison called the emergency 911 number last week and reportedly told the operator that when he leaves prison he will kill Granger.

Local media reports said the prisoner, who made the call from a mobile phone, was identified as Alim Ally, who is serving time for assault following a conviction in June this year.

Acting Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine told the media that significant progress has been made in the investigation, but declined to give any details.

This is not the first time a threat against President Granger’s life has engaged the attention of police.

Earlier this year, lawmen probed an assassination plot. A Commission of Inquiry was subsequently set up to look into that and a report submitted to the President.

The Paul Slowe-led Commission of Inquiry had been tasked with investigating and reviewing the full range of the actions and responses of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to the reports of the plot and the extent to which such actions were conducted or executed with due diligence.

It was also asked to determine whether any person, and, in particular, officers of the GPF, had information before and after the reports were made of the alleged assassination plot and whether that information was communicated to any superior authority; and to report on what official action was taken on information received and if there was due diligence by GPF officers in the investigation.

Additionally, it was tasked with reviewing all actions taken by the GPF and examining whether there was failure, neglect or omission to thoroughly and properly investigate, and to determine whether this was intentional. It was to also determine the “blameworthiness for failure or neglect of officers or persons involved in the investigation” and to recommend action to be taken against anyone found culpable, as well as to recommend steps that can be taken to prevent a recurrence.

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