Prekeh Boy Pt. 1

Delano Wilmott, more popularly known as Prekeh Boy, is one of those heartless criminals in our series of crime stories. Prekeh, who was from St. James, formed part of the Ratty Gang.

He believed in the dark arts of Alchemy, which refers to the process turning something ordinary into something extraordinary in an unexplainable way. He was always guarded for protection, and believed deeply in the Obeah works that protected him. His belief in the supernatural powers of protection led him to practice more than Obeah in Jamaica. He also went to Haiti, an island which is stereotyped to indulge highly in witchcraft, to dabble in some Haitian Voodoo.

While in Haiti, drinking black coffee every morning was part of his routine. This black coffee had a special addition to it- monkey blood mixed with grave dirt. This, he believed, made him invincible. He would also drink a very potent Haitian liquor that would make him unstoppable.

While on this foreign island, he committed crimes as heinous as he did in his home country. It is as if the new air fueled him to be evil.

In one of the homicides, he and three men went to commit a planned robbery of marijuana that just made it onto the island, from Jamaica. They waited about four gates down from the target destination until the owner of the house arrived, then ambushed him. The man was appalled by the attack as he had done business with Prekeh Boy before. Prekeh suggested they go inside because of the rain. “What rain?” the man asked. Prekeh then hit him in his forehead with his gun, then his accomplices followed with similar aggressive beatings sending pain through the man’s entire body.

The man then opened the door to his house, where his brother and brother’s girlfriend were. Prekeh killed both men and allowed the woman to live. He later committed a similar crime, though he had to one-up the last one, by decapitating his victims in this gruesome killing.

He returned to Jamaica where all sorts of people from all sorts of career paths were awaiting him like a hungry shark trapped in a fish tank.

Though, the sharks were not yet fed.


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