Brother Beats Pregnant Sister


Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Brother Beats Pregnant Sister: Twenty-nine year old Courtney McLarty was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment after wounding his pregnant sister in the head because she scolded her son. McLarty pled guilty to the charge when he appeared in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court yesterday. He also told the court: “I came in from work and saw my six-year-old nephew crying and asked what is wrong with him. He told me that his mother hit him and mi nuh say nothing.”


McLarty said when he saw his sister attempting to use a cell phone charger to beat his nephew, that was the time he intervened. “Your Honour, mi wish I could take it back. I just got heated in the moment,” McLarty said.


When the judge handed down the sentence, McLarty’s sister came to his defence, stating that her son and McLarty had a very close bond. “I just want back the money that I paid for the doctor bill,” the weeping complainant said.


It was also brought to the attention of the court that McLarty is the caregiver for their mother who is paralysed, and also for their grandmother. After hearing the complainant’s plea, the presiding judge Chester Crooks decided to suspend McLarty’s sentence for two years.



Written By: Nichola Panton

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