Pregnant Woman allegedly turned away from Hospital in Kingston Died

I try to stay clear of certain topics however I have to post this one.
She has a name and a story !
FEAR and the LACK of humanity killed her. Her family needs to open a wrongful death lawsuit. How do you turn away a woman in labour that had prepaid you $500 000 to deliver her baby ( that’s just under 4000$usd right ?)
Not one but three hospitals in Kingston including two government-run public hospitals and a Private Hospital

where she was scheduled to deliver anyhow and have paid their hefty delivery fee? What happened to this 23-year-old whilst she was in active labour can and will happen to many more because Jamaica has no laws.

The byproduct of covid-19 ( fear ) will kill many more if we the people do not ensure that the institution that are in place to care for the sick are held responsible.Poverty did not kill her LACK OF COMPASSION DID !!! Fear did and a lot of us are responsible for her death not just the doctors but every single fear mongering person.


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