Pregnant Teenagers Killed

Two Pregnant Teenagers Killed Within a Week

(McKoy’s News) – Two Pregnant Teenagers Killed Within a Week:
Following the murders of two pregnant teenage girls within a week in Spanish Town and Clarendon. Residents in both communities are now calling on the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security, to come up with an effective strategy which can assist in the fight against the dark disease called crime.

Another concern has also been raised, as both pregnant girls were murdered along with two teenage boys who were believed to have been their baby fathers.

The first incident occurred on Saturday, June 3, during what time 17-year-old Shanoy Henry, of Brunswick Avenue in Spanish Town and 18-year-old Combre Reid, of a Bog Walk address were both killed.

Reports are that, about 3:00 am, Henry who was alleged to have been 8 months pregnant and Reid were at home in Brunswick Avenue when a group of armed men kicked open the door to the house.

The gunmen sprayed the dwelling with bullets where Reid and Henry received gunshot wounds to their upper bodies and were killed on the spot.

The second double shooting occurred six days after the first incident on Thursday, June 8, at 11:00 pm. 17-year-old Georgia Boreland who was 7 months pregnant was at home in Farm District, Clarendon along with 19-year-old Romario Hylton when armed men kicked open the door to the house.

The gunmen shot both victims multiple times killing them on the spot.

One investigator pointed out that these two separate shootings are now classified as triple murder scenes as both females were due to give birth in July and August.


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