Pregnancy Fraud – She Tricked Me

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Jamaica News: Leslie Haye (not his real name), 45-year-old businessman of a Miami, Florida address in the United States of America, say he was tricked by a Jamaican woman into thinking she was carrying his child  and he is now sending a warning to single men, not to make the same mistake which he did.

Mr. Haye told McKoy’s News that sometime in late 2017, his wife for 12years, in the USA, filed for a divorce.

This shook him up a lot and that was when he decided to come to Jamaica on vacation.

I came to Kingston, Jamaica in the month of February, expecting to spend a month vacation and that is when I met up with Aleisha, who immediately brought back some meaning to my life“.

I have a male friend who is living in Portmore and one night he invited me to a birthday party being held in the area,  and that was how I met Aleisha, and we just connected”.

we started to spend most of the days together and it did not take long for us to get intimately involved“, he stated .  “despite the fact that I was still healing from my wife walking out on me, it did not take long for me to fall in love with her“.

I flew back home to the USA,  but Aleisha was the only thing on my mind and I kept on wondering where was this 36-year-old princess all my life“.

Mr. Haye told our news team that he started to send money to her every week and also he would shop for her overseas, and send her stuff through Courier Services.

They became even more drawn together when she informed him that she was three months pregnant and he immediately sent additional cash for her to do an Ultrasound.

He received the result which showed that she was having a baby boy. But his happiness turned into a nightmare, after he came to Jamaica during the Christmas Holidays, expecting to see his precious Aleisha, being six months pregnant.

I received the shock of my life after I decided to surprise my expected baby mother for the Christmas“, stated the broken-hearted man.  “I packed three barrels for her, my unborn child and her entire family, and flew to Jamaica“.

My friend picked me up at the Airport  and we drove straight to her home in Portmore“, he stated with few teardrops rolling down his cheek,  “while approaching the entrance to their home, we came across a young couple, who were in each other’s arms, and my friend indicated to me of the female’s resemblance to my baby mother “.

We reached the gate and called out to a young lady seated on a verandah. I asked her for Aleisha and she told us to wait a minute, then called out to the female who was sitting in the man’s lap, outside their gate“.

According to the businessman, what happened next nearly rendered him unconscious, the female walked into the yard, approached him and his friend,  and asked them if she could be of assistance.

He further stated that they both recognized each other immediately.  “Aleisha was wearing a body blouse and shorts, was looking as beautiful as ever, but she was far from being pregnant, and it was clear to see that she was involved in another intimate relationship“.

her parents came outside the house, her other boyfriend walked inside the yard, after they overheard me getting angry, she froze up and did not utter a single word, while her mother lashed out at her“.

I did not want to stand there making an ass of myself,  so I unloaded the Barrels from the vehicle inside the yard, and my friend and I left“.

Since then, her mother has called me and begged for me to forgive her and she also tried to contact me by phone, but I have ignored all her calls,” he said. “right now I am heading back home to the United States but I just want to warn you guys out there to be extra careful, in relationships like these“.

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