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Posting and Sharing Defamatory Materials Could Land You in Jail


Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers warns the Jamaican public that their actions to post obscene images on social media and other social share platforms, with intention of defaming and extorting a person, may land the poster and sharer of the photos, messages, voice notes and videos in jail.

Under the cybercrimes legislation, if convicted of the act, offenders could be fined and imprisoned for posting and sharing defamatory materials. 

“It is the discretion of the court [but] quite frankly it depends on the magnitude of the issue. We know people have been convicted for 12 years at hard labour, we know people have been convicted for six months with a fine, so it is left up to the flexibility of the judge, having heard the evidence,” Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers told the media.

Chambers added there is no mandatory minimum sentensing in these cases when brought before the court. Time in prison for the offender would be  based on the severity of the incident (s), evidence brought before the court, and the presiding Judge.


Section 9 (1) 





Commissioner Chambers revealed the use of computer data for malicious purposes and extortion are the heads daily complaints the Cybercrime Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force receives.


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