Portmore Woman Sentenced to Four Years for Manslaughter

A Portmore woman who killed a man during an argument over a clothesline was given a four-year prison sentence on Thursday, July 28.

The sentencing was handed down by Justice Bertram Morrison in the St Catherine Circuit Court.

Celine Edwards, 27, was charged with murder but pled guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

The judge informed Edwards that she did not waste the court’s time, that she was young, and that she had a positive record from the community where she lived.

According to the evidence that has been presented to the court, on July 23, 2018, Edwards and the now-deceased, 20-year-old Jordan Cilburn, who were tenants at the same house in Gregory Park, had a disagreement.

Cilburn was in the middle of washing clothes when a dispute over the usage of a clothesline arose between them.

The court was informed that Edwards stabbed Cilburn in the chest with a knife.

He died after being taken to the Spanish Town Hospital.

The Caymanas police conducted an investigation, which led to the arrest of Edwards. She was charged with murder, but she pleaded guilty to thelesser offence of manslaughter.

Edwards was represented by Attorneys-at-Law Denieve Barnett and Lynden Wellesley.

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