Portmore Alleged Serial Rapist Charged In Connection With Other Crimes

Jamaica Crime News, St Catherine: Twenty-seven-year-old Chaddane Harris, the alleged serial rapist, who was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into a series of rape incidents, which have taken place in Portmore, St Catherine, over the past months, has been charged with other crimes.

Harris was charged with Wounding with intent, Larceny and Burglary, after being positively identified during an identification parade, which was held on Saturday, June 30.

Harris was charged as the man behind an armed attack which was carried out in Portmore, in the month of May

It is reported that on May 8th, Harris allegedly broke into the home of a female bank employee, attacked and stabbed her multiple times, minutes after he robbed her house.

Investigators say they are presently awaiting a DNA testing result, to determine if Harris is the man behind a series of rape incidents, which took place in and around Portmore, over the past months.

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