Portland Police Charged Teenage Boy

A team of officers assigned to the Portland Police Division charged a 13-year-old boy in relation to two separate incidents on Orange River Lane and Hassell Road, both in Port Antonio in Portland on Wednesday, September 30.

In the first incident, about 7:30 pm., on Tuesday, September 29, the complainant securely locked
his establishment on Orange River Lane, Port Antonio, Portland and went home. Upon his return
the following day he discovered his shop was broken into and several grocery items were stolen.

Hours later, about 12 midnight on Hassell Road in Port Antonio, Portland a woman securely
locked her house and retired to bed. Shortly after she was awaken by a strange sound in the house.
She went to investigate and discovered that her house was broken into and her cellular phone was

A report was made to the Police and an investigation launched and the boy was arrested, placed
on an identification parade where he was positively identified. Subsequently, he was charged
with Shop Breaking, Burglary and Larceny following a question and answer session in the
presence of his attorney.

He was placed before the Portland Parish Court and was remanded in custody until Friday,
November 20 when he will reappear to answer to these charges.

His two accomplices are currently being sought by the Police.

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