Portland Man Charged for Killing His Own Father

A Portland man who reportedly bashed in his own fatner’s skull during an argument at their home in Fairy Hill district, Portland, during the month of December 2021, has been charged in connection with his death.

The accused man, 30-year-old Andrew Walker, also of Fairy Hill district, was charged on Thursday, February 3, with the murder of his father, 68-year-old, Errol Walker.

Reports are that about 4:30pm, neighbours became concerned after hearing a dispute and a struggle coming from the elderly man’s home.

They went to investigate, and discovered Walker with a section of his head bashed in, and he was rushed to hospital where he was admitted in serious condition, but died on January 6.

The residents then carried out their own investigation, which led to them accosting the accused son, who was later handed over to the police, and subsequently charged.

He is scheduled to appear in the Portland Parish Court on Tuesday, February 8.

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