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Popular St. James Tailor Greeted at His Door by Gunfire, Murdered


Granville, Jamaica (McN) – The Granville police in St James are now carrying out investigations after the murder of a tailor in the Granville community on Sunday afternoon.

The victim identified as Noel Campbell 34-year-old, tailor of Granville, St. James was gunned down “wild west” style as he opened his door to the voice of someone calling him.

Reports are that about 3:00 pm on Sunday Campbell was at home with other family members when he heard a male voice calling him  from the outside of the house.

Campbell went to the door to see who was calling him and he was greeted by gunfire.

The Granville police were alerted, and upon arrival the victim was discovered lying at the entrance of the house,
suffering from gunshot wounds.

He was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Reported by Henry Bucknor

Special News Crime Investigator

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