Popcaan’s Sister Unruly Squid Speaks Out About NotNice Drama

Popcaan’s sister Unruly Squid, who is also the mother of NotNice’s child, is speaking out about the drama between the two dancehall entertainers.  There has been a lot of back and forth between the two former friends in the last couple of weeks over them not seeing eye-to-eye on many work related issues.

Just recently Popcaan opened up to everyone by admitting that he neglected to compensate NotNice for his labor while they both worked on a show abroad, ultimately extenuating why the producer was throwing him so much shade online. He went on however to reproach the music producer for fixating so much on money, especially since he (Popcaan) financed the show out of pocket.

NotNice, snapped back at the deejay publicly and explained that he personally observed Popcaan raking in the proceeds from his shows as they were mostly a success – insinuating that Popcaan’s greed and disregard is the only reason why he didn’t get paid.

In the past, the two have always found a way to mend their differences; after all they are somewhat family. Popcaan’s little sister Annalecia Sutherland, better known as Unruly Squid is not only NotNice’s one time girlfriend but also the mother of his son.

As expected, many fans and onlookers have approached Poppy’s little sis and the Unruly Entertainment manager to intervene in the latest feud between the two men. With a swarm of several questions shooting towards her, Squid with her brother’s influence, decided to jump on her Live last week Saturday to address the matter, all while promoting her YouTube channel, Unruly Lifestyle.

Squid addressing the matter however, was her mostly saying she doesn’t want to get involved. This of course seem to have angered a few people which led to several surprising remarks, including one person telling her she needs to choose between her baby father and her brother.

Well this didn’t go over too smoothly with Unruly boss lady, she clapped back saying she would do no such thing. In fact neither Popcaan nor NotNice in all the years of their bantering have ever asked her to choose sides. Having being raised by a Christian mother (we all know who Pastor Rhona is by now), Squid stated that she is leaving the matter to God, saying “there is nothing in life weh father God cyaa fix, cause a my general dat”.

In the end, she asked everyone to respect her family’s privacy, complaining to the fans that their entertainment is her reality and she has to live with the burden of Popcaan and NotNice feuding.

Squid then turned the topic to the current coronavirus pandemic and the suffering taking place all over the world and ask that they put their focus on those issues instead of her family.


Source: Dancehallmag

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