Popcaan Tells His Mom Miss Rhona To Promote ‘Fixtape’ In Church

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Dancehall artiste Popcaan is at it again with his mom, Miss Rhona, this time urging the devout Christian woman, who is also a pastor, to promote his new mixtape, dubbed the ‘Fixtape,’ in church today.

The Unruly Boss unveiled the mixtape on Friday, August 7, 2020, and the dancehall project features two new collaborations with his friend Drake, titled All I Need and Twist and Turn.

It was Popcaan’s need to promote Fixtape that has caused him to provoke his mother, Miss Rhona, who he asks to give the new Dancehall project a forward in church. In a Live video on his Instagram page, yesterday, Popcaan is seen recording a selfie video sitting beside his mom when he said, “Me fans dem unu tell this woman yah fi go promote di tape inna church tomorrow nuh when she reach deh.”

His mother, not to be amused, responded, “All ah unu need Jesus whey ah go talk now.”

Popcaan continued joking and specified the song which she must promote, so he sang, “alright den gyal come look fi di money I’m rich, turn ah Christian gyal inna my bitch.”

“Inna what?!!” His mom exclaimed, but Popcaan continued singing, so his mom pushed him away, much to his amusement.

At that point, many of his 2.2 million Instagram followers were laughing at the way in which the Family singer was trivializing his mother’s Christian beliefs.

He then asked Miss Rhona to sing a line from the tape and then went on to make fun of the soursop she planned on using to make a drink, she then snatched the fruit from him.

“Come Miss Rhona see your part ah di weed yah, mek we puff it out together now.” He laughed, removing the spliff from the back of his ears and pointing it towards the camera. Miss Rhona, however, pushed him away and instructed him not to laugh. She then reprimands him by saying he needs to give his life to Jesus because the world has changed.

The official release of Popcaan’s 19-track mixtape includes features from popular artists such as French Montana, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Stylo G, Masicka, and Tommy Lee Sparta.

Fixtape has been doing well on several charts, including UK Apple Music Top Albums and Apple Music Reggae Charts, according to several posts by the singer on Instagram.

Popcaan is, however, no stranger to success with songs like Family, Numbers Don’t Lie, and Ova Dweet.


Source: Dancehallmag

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