Popcaan Lets Mom, Ms Rhona Drive The Spaceship!

Buckle up! Pastor Rhona is in the driver’s seat of one of Popcaan’s many spaceships.

From Ova Dweet to Level Up to Numbers Don’t Lie, Popcaan has been fond of calling his many luxury vehicles “spaceships” since 2016.  By the looks of it, Poppy handed her the keys to his Range Rover Velar where we can see Miss Rhona pressin’ gas and making some bad corners. Watch below.

The dancehall deejay is seen riding shotgun in an Instagram video that he uploaded yesterday May 12th captioned, “rhona a push the space ship.”

Fans just love watching Poppy and his Pastor mother, its as if they were cut from two different pieces of fabric, the duo’s uncommon pairing never disappoints in stirring rib-tickling laughs. Like a well rehearsed comedic skit, the deejay always knows exactly what to say to make her snap at him.

In the video, after chastising her for making a bad turn and also failing to use her indicator, he proceeded to boost her ego a little for being able to handle his spaceship, but you know he loves to grind her gears. “Hold dem pastor, waan tun on some Kalonji (Sizzla Kalonji) in yah now,” he said laughing.

Miss Rhona snapped back, “No, no Kalonji a play in here.”

Popcaan continued egging her on, “We find some Kalonji and gwan beat, go out pon di road deh,” at which she snapped back again, “No, nu worry wid it.”

Apparently Miss Rhona is not a fan of the Rasta man or secular music is just strictly off limits, after all she is a devoted child of the Lord. It’s interesting to know if she listens to her son’s music and more interesting if she had anything to do with him chopping off his unruly locks.

Poppy’s new low cut trim have sent fans on somewhat of a remorseless roast, or what Jamaican’s call ‘carding’ at his expense. This Twitter user may have gotten it right with this one:

Popcaan: Ms. Rona wha you want fi Mother’s Day?

Ms. Rona: *jokingly* Mi want you trim

Popcaan: pic.twitter.com/thOJsCAJ32

— King Kraig   (@kingkraig16) May 12, 2020

We know Poppy loves to give his mother a hard time, but there is no denying the love they both share for each other. Should we assume Miss Rhona motivated the cut and was driving him to the barber?


Source: Dancehallmag

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