Popcaan Disses Mavado On ‘Fixtape’ Track ‘Fast Lane’

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Dancehall artiste Popcaan may have thrown jabs at Mavado in his recently released FIXTAPE.

With all that’s been going on with the Gully Gad and Drake feud, it had appeared that Popcaan was content to step to the side to let them hash things out, after all, Drake is a big boy, and he can handle himself.

Well, it now seems that hasn’t been the case, the Unruly Boss has broken his silence to hand out a couple of disses at who could only be Mavado and he did so in one of his singles on the 32-track FIXTAPE that dropped on Friday.

Just ask Jaii Frais & Chevii over at Let’s Be Honest podcast show; they felt so too.

Track 5 titled Fast Lane finds the ‘876 Gad’, i.e. Popcaan flexing some narcissistic rhymes, and talking about being on the top of his game. “Mi a legend like Usain / right now a fire when mi drop anyting / man a Gad in a di earth,” he sings. He then goes on to brag that he makes hits without even trying: “slam a hit and not even sing mi a sing.”

This is also where he throws shade on ‘dem artiste’ which really just sounds like one person. “Nah do nuttn major weh dem a claim/ dem go farrin a switch up ah try rap everything, still cant tap anything,” he says.

Of those going to farrin (overseas/foreign), we know Mavado is signed to DJ Khaled’s rap label We the Best Music Group and formerly to Cash Money Records. And if you simply draw for his singles like DelilahTake It featuring Karian Sang and Give It All To Me featuring Nicki Minaj, you’ll know Mavado is not the most eloquent rapper.

Poppy’s Fast Lane lyrics continue to describe the subject as someone who has been trying many ways to succeed but has very little chance of salvation: “Yuh nuh see sey dem drowning and catching at a straw, every song weh sing dem a tun mumma lashy fah.”

He also added, “Look pon di problem weh Poppy cause, artiste a trace like dem wearing dem catty draws – problem fi dem yuh nuh.”

In those verses, Popcaan appears to validate himself and his success as the source of this Mavado vs Drake conflict.  They portray a ‘paranoid’ Mavado, overreacting by returning whole a diss track to what sounded like subliminal jabs in Drake’s Only You Freestyle single.

Perhaps, this is also Poppy clearing up that there was no ill intent with Drake’s lyrics in the single.

Drake seems to agree about the level of success Popcaan has attained among Jamaican Dancehall entertainers who aren’t named Koffee.  During the Instagram LIVE launch party of the FIXTAPE, two days ago, the Toronto responded to Mavado’s diss track by commenting, “Some bwoy love chat about yaad man and some next fuckery and all now dem can’t catch up to the 876 Gad go hold a one seat and a box juice and hush ya mout OVO UNRULY.”

Moving on, in another verse of Fast Lane, Popcaan sings, “Dem cant keep up, dem nuh fit enough / dem analog brain not picking up,” there’s no telling whether he’s saying ‘dem artiste’ might be slow on the witty lyrical machine that is him (Poppy) and Drake by misunderstanding their quick flows or simply saying Mavado is no match for him, the 876 Gad. Regardless, it’s still quite diss-respectful to the Gully Gad.

Despite forwarding from opposing camps (Gully/Gaza), Popcaan and Mavado have worked together.  They both had verses on Snoop Dogg’s Lighter’s Up and Mavado even joined Popcaan on the Everything Nice remix in 2014.  Things went downhill in 2016 when the pair openly exchanged diss tracks, which included Born ReadyDem Dead A ReadyRPGFuneralDutty DreadDem Run Een, and We Still A Win. By most accounts, Mavado handily won that face-off.

Fast Lane doesn’t end there, you can listen to it on the full mixtape, available on Popcaan’s SoundCloud from about the 11:20 mark.


Source: Dancehallmag

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